The Future of Virtual Reality For Marketers

Virtual reality is the technology we are all eagerly awaiting.  Even though devices like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR have come out to the public, they are still pretty much in their infancy. These devices are among the first generation of VR and as with every first generation devices we can see their limitations, but we can also see their potential.

Vive, Oculus, and PlayStation VR mainly focus on gaming experiences, but that is their way to enter the mainstream market. VR is more than gaming and everybody knows that. Right now companies are experimenting with new ways to interact with people using VR devices and even new ways to market products to consumers.

We can already use VR for chatting on social media or providing a corporate audience with events and tours.  Ikea can even allow us to walk around and interact with a virtual kitchen.