7 Homepage Characteristics That Can Affect Success

Your homepage is the customer’s first impression of your company, making it extremely important that the website layout is designed in an intriguing way. Aesthetically, a website should choose legible typefaces styled with deliberate colors and sizes. Beyond what meets the eye, there are best practices for the site characteristics of a homepage such as word count, response time and site size.

To uncover the most popular website characteristics for successful companies, we analyzed the top 1000 homepages from the 2016 Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest Growing Companies. Whether you’re reevaluating your website or starting from scratch, these findings will help you identify the best direction for your vision.

The most successful websites use sans-serif, primarily Open Sans, Helvetica and Arial. They are small and have a load time of no more than 1.36 seconds. These facts are based on a recent study to try to determine what goes into online business success.

Here are the tips for you to consider when you design your homepage:

  • According to data, 71 percent of the top 1000 fastest growing companies in America use sans-serif.
  • Sans-serif is also a good choice for readability on low resolution screens and modern draw makes it the most desired typeface for websites.
  • The top three sans-serif typefaces of all the website copy analyzed in the study are: Open Sans, Helvetica and Arial.
  • Because font color plays a major role in legibility, you should attempt to determine the perfect contrast. Often pure black is the most popular option, along with various shades of grey.
  • When choosing a font size, it’s important to consider text readability on various devices. The most common font sizes are: 14px, 16px and 13px.
  • Choose your messages carefully and convey them in fewer words to captivate audience attention. The average word count on most fast growing companies’ homepage is 605.
  • Load time determines whether visitors stay on your site or not. So create a fast site, which has a response time of 1.36 seconds.
  • Simpler homepages are smaller in size and load faster. So aim for a site size of 66970.928 bytes, depending on the layout and features.


Source: https://creativemarket.com/blog/homepage-success


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